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Wire figure by D. Trepanier, Bead by Donna's Designs

wire figure made with the Twist 'n' Curl®

Before the invention of the Twist 'n' Curl® (TnC) making wire beads was a very tedious task. Winding wire around a knitting needle or kabob skewer by hand taxed the patience of practically all wire workers and limited the field to those with the proverbial patience of Job!

As with most mechanical inventions our tool came into existence with the desire of its creator to find a way to ease this task. Donna Nova, a lampwork bead maker, invented the Twist 'n' Curl® tool through her desire to easily make wire beads for use alongside her own glass bead designs.

Though there are a couple other tools on the market for winding wire, we believe the Twist 'n' Curl® to be the easiest and most efficient tool for wire artists. Its design arose from thoughtful study by a working artist with other artists' use in mind. If you work with wire this is a 'must-have' tool! Ask your friends, as well as the vendors with whom you do business, and we think you'll find their responses favor our tool as something that you will not only buy, but actually use!

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The Standard Twist 'n' Curl® is our basic tool and includes an aluminum handle and an anodized steel, screw-in, round mandrel.  It's a snap to use -- you'll be making beads with it inside twenty minutes!

To expand the possibilities of your wire compositions there are now other mandrel shapes available that use the handle that comes with the Standard model. These supplemental mandrels include the Round, Square, Oval, Flat Rectangle, and Hexagonal.

At users' request we have added what has become the most popular addition to the Twist 'n' Curl® family: the Mini. It is available as a set of two tools. Ending the line-up are Small and Large Rectangular tools which are sold as single, separate items with their own attached handles.

Finally, for the wire professional who uses her tools intensively (and aggressively!) we offer the handle in steel. This handle lessens the possibility of cross-threading a mandrel into its handle when switching out in a hurry. (Some users also believe the extra handle weight gives improved balance for using the tools for hours at a time. Additionally, many designers purchase, along with a range of tools, several handles because it increases their flexibility and time savings.)

 TnC and Wig Jig Video
Twist 'n' Curl® video
Although our packaging comes with directions and drawings, many people prefer the directional visuality of video. Ours demonstrates not only the Twist 'n' Curl®, but also the Wig Jig®.

The Twist 'n' Curl® works with all gauges of wire. Of course each gauge makes a different looking bead. If you have strong hands you can work with the thicker wires. If your hands are less strong, start with the thinner wires and the smaller mandrels and work your way up. We like to work with wires from 18 to 28 gauge, with 22 and 24 being our favorite. [The larger the gauge, the thinner the wire: 20 gauge is thicker than 22.] We recommend that you practice with copper wire from your local hardware store - it's cheap and you can make many mistakes and lots of experiments before engaging any significant cost. (Also, we love copper beads!) The wire dolls you see on this page were created by designer Diane Trepanier using several gauges. She used the Wig Jig® for the hands and feet, Donna Nova's torso beads for the body, and the Twist 'n' Curl® for the arms, legs and hair.

work by Donna's Designs

When you are on your way to mastering creations with the Twist 'n' Curl®, switch to Artistic Wire which comes in many colors. We stock Artistic Wire so you can order a few rolls at the same time you order your TnC tools.

A recent collaborative venture with designers from Confabulations and PJewelry has resulted in Twisted Kitz® !

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