Twist 'n' Curl tm Shapes & Video

These screw-in mandrel sets are for use with the handle of the Standard model of the Twist 'n' Curl tm

2 sizes of Round
1/4 & 3/16 inches

2 sizes of Hexagonal

2 sizes of Square

2 sizes of Oval

2 sizes of Flat Rectangle

2 sizes of Triangle
out of stock

In addition, there are the following Twist 'n' Curl tm tools that come with fixed handles:

1 Large Rectangle

1 Small Rectangle

A Set of 2 sizes of Mini-Mandrels
.055" / .040"

And, of course, we offer the Heavy Duty, Original Twist 'n' Curl tm tool (5/64" mandrel) that comes with a fixed handle and the basic, Standard model with screw-in handle (5/64" mandrel).


If you twist the wire close together and straight up and down (as you do on the Standard and Heavy Duty models of the Twist 'n' Curl tm) it is sometimes difficult to remove your windings from the new shapes of the Twist 'n' Curl tm (triangle, square, oval, rectangle, hexagonal, flat rectangle).

There are two methods to facilitate the removal process:

(a) twist the wire loosely at an angle (45 degrees). After you make several windings in this manner you can push the windings closer together to give you more room to continue twisting.
(b) You may coat the mandrel with a light coating of cornstarch. If your hands rub the cornstarch off, reapply as you twist the wire.

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